Monday, August 31, 2009

Movin' on up

Dave and I spent the better part of this weekend beginning the long process of going through everything we own. Everything is being categorized as either toss, sell, take to storage or move to the new apartment. That's right, we're moving!

It was time to renew our lease and the company that recently purchased our complex raised the rent by a lot. They plan to do a lot of cosmetic things to the outside of the buildings and they are even planning to build a new clubhouse and pool area. That's all fine and well but it's not in the budget for a grad student and someone working in the nonprofit sector. They are also inflexible in their lease terms and will absolutely not let us sign a lease for anything less than a year, and since we anticipate Dave graduating in May a lease ending a year from now would not be good for us. The best solution for us is to move, so we are.

We found a nice apartment in the northwest side of town and it will be a lot closer to Dave's job. He'll be able to come home for lunch and spend more time with Gromit before heading back. It will add some time to my commute but hopefully it won't be too bad. The new place is considerably smaller but includes all utilities and the price is right. They are even letting us sign a lease through the end of May with the option of going month-to-month after that so we should be all set if Dave does end up graduating!

So begins this process of going through everything we own to decide if it really has a significant place in our lives and if it needs to be moved with us for the rest of our lives... or at least for now. We didn't do a good job of this when we first got married and moved in together so this is going to be a long process - we have a lot of junk! Our new lease begins September 25th which is only 26 days away so we had better get back to work. Wish us luck!


  1. You guys aren't planning to move out of state once he graduates are you???? =(

  2. I didn't know you were leaving :( Too bad you will live farther away -- do you want to go to 24 hour fitness sometime, all 4 of us?


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