Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm buying a tank

This summer I have not had good luck with cars and seriously, I'm considering the buying a tank. Both of our cars have been in accidents on I-25 within a month of each other and Gromit and I were in the car both times it happened- Dave was in the car for the first one. Combine these incidents with the April 2008 accident and I am what you could call "car kryptonite" (thanks for the title, Kevin).


We were driving on I-25 on our way to my very good friend Ashley's wedding reception on a Friday evening in July. She had gotten married the weekend before in Vail at a very intimate ceremony and was having a larger reception for friends. In stop-and-go traffic we were rear ended by a Ford Aerostar van which was rear ended by a Ford Explorer. The Explorer was going too fast and slammed on his breaks too fast and slid into the Aerostar which slid into us. Luckily, we didn't hit the person in front of us. It was a pretty hard hit and both Dave and I were thrown back in our seats and poor little Gromit was thrown from his car seat. After a visit to the doctor and the vet everyone was declared healthy. Thank goodness! Here's what happened to our 2006 Hyundai Elantra:

We unfortunately never made it to Ashley's reception. The damage may not look that bad, but apparently it was a lot worse after they took off the bumper to assess the damage. The trunk area was buckled and the frame was damaged. They ended up declaring the car a total loss. Bummer!

The good news is that we purchased a 2006 Honda Element that Dave and I (and Gromit) love and we took it camping this past weekend for the first time. It's a good, safe car and we're excited about the upgrade from the Elantra.


Four weeks later I was driving on I-25 headed back home from visiting my parents. Again in stop-and-go traffic I was rear ended by a Nissan Murano which was rear ended by a Ford Freestyle which was rear ended by a Freightliner truck. The big truck was going too fast and slammed on his breaks too fast and slid into the Freestyle which slid into the Murano which slid into me. Again, I didn't hit the person in front of me. I was thrown back in my seat and Gromit was safe and sound in his car seat thinks to the seat belt I bought for him after the last accident. Make fun of me all you want but I am now a huge advocate for dog seat belts/harnesses. Again, nobody was seriously injured. Here's what happened to my beloved Volkswagen Beetle:

Again, the damage didn't look that bad but once the bumper was off they found a lot more damage. Luckily it can be repaired and I am supposed to pick it up tomorrow after a trip to the detailing shop to get the strawberry boba tea out of my carpet and seats and off the center console and shifter. What a mess!

Here's the kicker:

I was driving my rental car home from work on Friday and just as I exited I-25 I got a flat tire and had to pull over at a gas station. I couldn't fill it with air (there was a hole) so Dave had to come rescue me and put on the spare. We drove back to the rental place and exchanged it for another car. We went camping that night and I was very excited to put my car stress behind me. Then, Saturday morning the battery in the Element died and we had to ask our neighbors for a jump. After blocking the exit road to the campground and holding up the departure of a few fellow campers we got the car going again and later thanked our neighbors for helping us with an offering of New Belgium beer.

I guess I should either avoid motor vehicles or just buy a tank. But if nothing else, don't get in the car with me without jumper cables, a spare tire, your seat belt fastened and the helmet strap tightened - I'm dangerous!

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  1. Yikes Sarah!! Did you ever see that episode of Who's the Boss where Tony buys Sam the yellow car with bumpers all over it? I think you need THAT car...or a bubble that doesn't break upon impact! I'm just glad everyone is okay. Drive safely!! =)


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