Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The votes are in...

I couldn't bear the though of my sister joining another sorority any more. I decided it was time for a serious discussion with Kelly about my chosen sorority. She told me how she felt that they only liked her and were inviting her back to recruitment parties because she was my sister and I made sure she understood that was not the case at all. I told her about how I had told them that she was so wonderful and that's why they seemed excited to meet her and that everyone who met her told me how much they liked her and that I wasn't allowed to have any part in voting so there's no way that I could have a good or bad influence over her votes so that meant that she was being asked back based on people's true opinions of her as an individual. I told her that it was her choice and nobody could make the decision for her, but that I know that my sorority's girls are genuine and sweet and wonderful and that she wouldn't regret it if she chose my sorority. I told her that of course I wanted her to be a member of my sorority so we could have that in common and share some special things, but that also the girls who are there love her as she is and it would be her own unique experience and I wouldn't be in her way. I told her that I knew it would be a hard decision but that she needed to go to her final two choices with an open mind and choose the place that she felt most comfortable at and that no matter what she chose I would be happy for her.

Last night was pref night and it is a very emotional night and we have a ceremony where girls say why they joined and what their chapter means to them and they have singers, etc. and people usually cry. Well, I was out there in the background during the ceremony and about halfway through I looked over at Kelly and saw her crying which made me start crying. She saw me and started crying more and it went on and on from there. She told the current member she preffed with that she loved this chapter but had a hard decision to make. Two hours later Kelly called me, crying, and said that she was the last person in the voting room and that she had thought long and hard and it was a VERY hard decision but she decided to put my sorority down as her first choice!!!!!!!!!!! Then I started crying again. Now all that needed to happen was for my sorority to offer her an official bid.

So today is bid day and I waited patiently (or not so patiently) for her to be picked up from campus by her new sorority sisters and delivered to the chapter house. If she didn't get a bid from my chapter then she wouldn't be there but just in case she did accept their bid I was ready with flowers and a few things with our greek letters on them to begin her new collection. So there I was waiting, watching, praying, and then...

Hooray! Kelly is now an official New Member of my sorority! I'm so happy for her and am so excited! Congratulations, Kelly!

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  1. How exciting for both of you!

    On a funny note, I have that exact same green shirt. Isn't that crazy!?!


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