Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting to know you...

It's official - Gromit has become our baby! We love him so much and he has brought such great joy to our lives in the last few days. We are all settling into our new routine and Gromit seems to be getting more comfortable in his new home. We're working hard to teach him his name, how to sit, the command "go potty", to stay in his crate when we're at work and to only get on the couch when his blanket is on there. Once he masters these tasks we'll work on some more exciting things like fetch.

He isn't too interested in toys or balls yet but we think as he gets more comfortable here he will begin to play more. He's had a few visitors come over since his arrival and we've found that he LOVES people and will do whatever he can to get you to rub his belly. We took a trip to meet my family yesterday and they fell in love with him too. Joy (my parent's dog) had the opportunity to greet Gromit in her own special way by literally "butting" his head into the couch, but once they got familiar with each other they got along well.

Gromit and Joy on the couch

I think Joy likes having her belly rubbed too

All in all things are going well here. We're so happy Gromit is adjusting to his new home and we hope that he'll be happy with us because we are sure happy with him!

Okay, I just HAD to get him a little shirt!

I think Dave is mocking the dog...

Comfy in his new bed!

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